April 1, 2023
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Standing Committees

Unit Bylaws – Standing Committees

Section 7 – Standing Committees

1. The following Standing Committees shall be appointed by the Unit Executive annually:

a) Political Action;
b) Communications, Public Relations and Political Action
c) Social
d) Retirement Function
e) Professional Activity

2. Standing Committees shall:

a) keep an accurate record of meetings;
b) report to the Unit Executive in writing as required;
c) submit copies of minutes, through the Office Assistant, to the Unit Executive;
d) take direction from the Unit Executive;
e) report to the General Meeting as required by the Unit Executive;
f) submit budget recommendations to the Unit Executive for the following year, upon request;
g) abide by the specific terms of reference for the Committee;
h) plan projects in advance and make recommendations for approval by the Unit Executive prior to the commencement of the project;
i) observe a quorum of fifty (50%) per cent of committee members.

3. Standing committees may:

a) make recommendations to the Unit Executive or the General membership;
b) propose for Unit Executive approval the names of additional members of the unit who may wish to serve on the committee;
c) make recommendations for changes in its own terms of reference or recommend the formulation of an Ad Hoc Committee to the Unit Executive.

4. A Standing Committee Chairperson shall:

a) report in writing as required to the Unit Executive;
b) appoint the secretary for the committee and supervise the compilation of accurate minutes and reports;
c) advise the Unit Executive of any recommendations of the committee;
d) submit a detailed financial report with receipts to the Unit Treasurer on committee expenditure;
e) seek the approval of the Unit President for the expenditure of any amount of the Unit funds prior to the expenditure.
f) adhere to the committee’s guidelines as set out by the Unit Executive.

5. Terms of Reference for Specific Committees:

a) The Communication Committee shall be responsible for the publication and circulation of a Unit Newsletter/ publication or website or other social media that may include:

  • editorial opinion on matters affecting education,
  • a forum of reaction by Unit members,
  • reports of Unit events, a notice board,
  • concerns deemed worthy by the committee;
  • maintain the highest standard of professionalism;
  • send representation to Seminars on Public Relations as sponsored by the Provincial Association.

b) The Professional Activity Committee shall:

  • work to develop a long range plan for professional development of members;
  • plan local workshops for members subject to the approval of the Unit Executive;
  • support the use of all available Professional Activity days and have input into the development of briefs to the Board;
  • attempt to maintain liaison and co-operation with other local branch affiliates with respect to workshops and local Professional Activities;
  • encourage involvement of teachers in the process of professional education at the local level.

c) The Political Action Committee shall:

  • provide programs or activities as needed for teachers’ views to be expressed to government locally;
  • be informed about political developments pertaining to education.

d) The Social Committee shall:

  • be responsible for social activities within the Unit;
  • present to the Unit Executive a detailed financial statement for each event.

f) Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Ad Hoc Committees may be created from time to time by the Unit Executive.
  • The terms of reference shall be set for each Ad Hoc Committee at the time of its creation by the Unit Executive.