April 1, 2023
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Your OTIP Emergency Travel Insurance – Out of Province/Out of Canada

Your OTIP Benefit Package has Out of Province/Out of Canada Travel Insurance.

You are covered in the event of the following Medical Emergencies:

  • a sudden, unexpected injury or a new medical condition which occurs while a covered person (you or your dependent) is traveling outside of his/her province of residence, or
  • a specific medical problem or chronic condition that was diagnosed but medically stable prior to departure

Your OTIP Card has the contact numbers for Emergency Travel Assistance.
On the back, bottom right of the card you will see a light blue square: Emergency Travel Assistance / Plan Number 5580

  • If you incur a claim that is under $200, keep the receipt and submit it when you return.
  • If your claim is expected to be over $200, call the applicable number for assistance and information to ascertain if your claim is eligible for reimbursement. This will ensure that you are properly refunded.


For a complete listing and description of benefits, visit www.otip.com; login; My Claims; My Benefits; Benefits Booklet; Emergency Travel Assistance starts on pg 34

Safe Travels!

Please call Lisa if you have any questions.