April 1, 2023
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Earned Leave or Partially Paid Day

Click here for the Board’s Earned Leave Instructions memo re: 2017-2018 earned leave info.

You can ask Mallory Holroyd, HR Admin Asst, regarding possible earned leave from previous years if you do not know what you have.

Keep in mind that using a partial day (Code #104) or combining two partial days (Code #118) amounts to the same amount of leave (1 full day) but different amounts of pay.

The board asks that you provide 20 days advanced notice when applying for this leave.

Submit the board Leave of Absence Form   when applying for your earned leave.

I recommend using your leave days before the end of this semester. It is unlikely they will carry over beyond the end of this contract.

Remember, the true value of these days is that they are available against a long weekend and/or holiday.