April 1, 2023
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Making Adverse Reports About Colleagues

Part of being a professional involves respecting other professionals. Occasional teachers (daily and long-term) are Ontario College of Teacher members just like permanent contract teachers. As such we must avoid evaluating, scrutinizing or making professional judgments of one another. This is the job of our employer.

However, you are legally obliged to report any suspected sexual abuse or violation of law without fear of reprisal. Additionally, there may be extenuating circumstances that warrant administrative support.

If you make ANY adverse report of ANY colleague you must do so in writing and provide that colleague with a written copy within 72 hours of giving that report to an administrator (Teaching Profession Act – 18 1 (b) page 7).

At some points over a career, you may find yourself in conflict with colleagues. It is always preferable to attempt to resolve any/all conflicts directly with the teacher/s involved without administrator intervention. OECTA is willing to play the role of facilitator should the need arise.

What is an “Adverse Report”?

An adverse report is anything that is said or reported that could damage the professional reputation of the person in question, or cause the person to be see in a less favourable light by any supervisor (VP/P/SO).

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